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Skin is the largest organ of the body and its health of it is our mission.

For over three decades, Esthetician Audrey Enayat has been helping men and women, as well as teens of all ages, move towards a clear and healthy complexion. As the owner of Self Centre Skin Care (from 1994-2004), a center she ran in the Pacific Palisades section of the coast of Los Angeles, Audrey worked on the skin of some of the city’s most discerning clients. This included Sissy Spacek, Mary McDonald, Dominic Monaghan, TV Host Melissa Rivers, Lindsay Crouse, and many more.

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My Story

At Self Centre, Audrey became best known for her Facials that focused on the extraction of impurities. All together her focus was the overall health, wellness, and skin cleanliness. This was contrary to many “relaxation facials” offered at other locations that focused on pampering clients rather than offering them a clinical treatment. Now at Self Centre, the focus was the health of the skin. The results: Clients were achieving a more flawless, youthful, and smooth complexion. Word got out about Audrey’s skincare philosophy and eye for details and business flourished.

Audrey soon realized that what her clientele yearned for was one-on-one service in a boutique-style setting. Self Centre was sold and she moved to her private practice in Marina Del Rey in 2005.

Summarizing her philosophy, Audrey says, “Getting regular facials should not be considered a luxury, rather a necessary part of grooming and hygiene.” Just as we should go to the dentist regularly, so too should a facial be a part of everyone’s monthly or bi-monthly regimen.”

In 2005, Audrey opened Audrey Enayat aka Los Angeles Skin Care in Marina Del Rey, CA, whereas a sole practitioner, she gets to enjoy a one-on-one relationship with her loyal clients. She draws in clients locally from Venice, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. Her following also includes long-time devoted clients who travel to see her from as far away as New York.

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