What is An Extraction Facial?

WHAT IS AN EXTRACTION FACIAL? “…women are opting for aesthetic solutions because they want to invest in their appearance as a gift to themselves.

-Debra Jaliman, MD, assistant professor Mount Sinai Medical Center, Skin Inc.

We all know, the least peaceful part of any facial is EXTRACTIONS!

This is the moment when your esthetician removes built-up oil and debris from your clogged pores. Facial Extractions are the most effective ways to unplug pores and remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. It might sound painful, but if done correctly, this can be a simple and painless procedure. Here is what you should know about professional pore extractions:

CLEANSING ISN’T ENOUGH! Cleansing or washing away the dirt, oil and makeup is a pivotal part of clean pores and having a clear complexion. But when it comes to stubborn issues like blackheads, whiteheads and congestion, simply cleansing rarely does the trick. These problems start below the surface, where excess oil and skin cells collect deep inside the pore. To remove them, you need deep-reaching ingredients (i.e.: esthetician grade peels) and most importantly.

Regular professional facials that include extractions are the most effective way to maintain debris-free pores. Facial Extractions prevent materials from re-accumulating and avoid larger problems like acne and enlarged pores before they can start.


Before actual extractions can begin, the esthetician preps your skin with a gentle cleanser that is appropriate for your particular skin type and conditions. The cleanser breaks up surface-level dirt and oil, making impacted material easier to access.

Steam usually comes next. Heat and moisture opens pores and loosens blockages, while softening the skin to make facial extractions more accessible.


Once the prep work is complete, its time to bring out the tools. Most professionals use a magnifying lamp to zero in on clogged pores. The esthetician uses tissue covered figures on either side of the pore and applies pressure to get the clog to release. Occasionally an extractor tool is used for the more unwieldy blackheads and whiteheads. This tool helps to unplug the blockage. There may be some discomfort associate with this process, but if skin is properly prepped, its usually quite mild.

Remember, pores are sensitive, and if your skin isn’t prepared properly or extractions are performed incorrectly, it can cause broken capillaries, bruising, scarring and may even result in more breakouts.

NEVER use at-home extraction tools! Please leave the squeezing and picking to the trained professionals. It is what gives us our joy and pleasure!


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