Los Angeles SkinCare Testimonials-Reviews

Listen to what Some of Our Clients Are Saying!

“I have been going to Audrey for skincare for at least 20 years! She is beyond thorough and takes great pride in her work and you definitely see results. She is extremely accommodating and goes after the root of whatever problems you may be having with your skin. From waxing to skin tag removal to extractions and facials, Audrey has the magical touch! She is the best and comes highly recommended. If you’re in the market for some improvements to your skin, Audrey is who you want to see!”

Merrie Mac Seaman

Pacific Palisades, Ca.


“Audrey is one of those rare people in the skincare industry that brings her whole heart into her services. I’ve been a client for 15 years and I’ve never found anyone else who gives what she gives. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she’s got magic in those hands! I highly recommend her services”.
— Gina Cloud, Pacific Palisades, CA

“Audrey is an excellent esthetician. She has helped me with my skincare needs for over 4 years. I have had a variety of services performed. My time with Audrey is a treat. Her work environment is calm and relaxing and she is very kind. She is very detailed with her facials, I leave feeling refreshed, with more refined, cleansed pores. Honestly, I will not get a facial anywhere else, any time I am in a pinch and have gone somewhere else (like while traveling for business) I have never been as satisfied with the results. She takes the time to know you and your specific needs and in this busy world, those are attributes to the prize. I highly recommend Audrey!”
— Heather Goodman, Marina del Rey, CA

“Audrey is personable, professional, and skilled in her work. She relaxes the client and gives the utmost attention to the skin. I have been going to her for years and have never been unhappy with the results.
She doesn’t push products on you, she suggests and that is a big plus for me. She is great. I highly recommend her”
— Judi McElroy, Pacific Palisades, CA

“Audrey is not only beautiful, but she’ll also make you beautiful–and she’ll make you feel completely at home and at peace in the process.”
— Amy Friedman, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been going to Audrey for facials for the past few years and every time I leave my skin is glowing and my wrinkles seem to disappear. I don’t know how she does it!!! Her kind manner and gentle touch always leave me feeling completely relaxed. I have sent friends to see her and they all rave about her facials. Thank you, Audrey, for making me feel “beautiful”!
— Deb Lerner Pacific Palisades, CA

“As someone who frequently travels between New York and Los Angeles, two of the Beauty capitals of the world, I can safely say that Audrey Enayat is one of the best Estheticians to have worked on my skin. Rather than having a concern for Beauty and Relaxation, which many Facialists focus on, Audrey’s goal is to ‘cure’ the skin and make it glow with Good Health. I would work with Audrey over a Dermatologist any day of the week, all that she is missing is a Medical Degree.”
— Jill L. Great Neck, NY


“I have been seeing Audrey for about 4 years.  From the first time I met her, she has always treated me professionally, and patiently and goes the extra mile, no matter what procedure she is doing. She is continuously involved with the community and is always furthering her education and staying up to date.  You never know what Audrey will come up with next.  The most comforting thing about Audrey is that she loves her work and takes pride in everything she does. I have had facials all over the world and Audrey by far is the best at what she does.  She pays close attention to detail, so you always leave her feeling beautiful.  I’m often in front of the camera so detail is very important these days with digital cameras.  I highly recommend her.”

Kathleen Pirelli

Studio Trainer, Owner

K9Klass, LLC

Manhattan Beach, CA


“THE BEST IN LA!!  Audrey is so amazing!  I’ve been to many facialists in my lifelong battle with (admittedly) mild (but very much there) acne.  She has given me the best facial and back treatments I’ve ever had in my whole life.  She gets every single blemish and clogged pore.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  It is always a pleasure getting to see her, and knowing how improved I will be at the end of her luxurious session.

If you are on the quest for perfect skin, this is the professional who will get you there!”

Janet K

Los Angeles, Ca.


“I went to Audrey to have some cholesterol deposits removed from my eyelids. She did a great job. The skin became smooth. Audrey also removed some deposits on my face and did not charge me extra. In 3 weeks I saw her get a facial. The result was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend Los Angeles Skincare.”

Adelya A

Glendale, Ca.


“Audrey does an amazing job!  She works very hard to clean your skin and bring it back to a healthy natural glow.  I’ve had facials all my life, but when I have one of Audrey’s facials, I know my skin has been thoroughly cleaned.  She is very detailed in the extraction process like nothing I have ever experienced before.  It’s true what everyone needs for healthy skin!  Call Audrey and make an appointment.  You will be SO glad you did!”

Patty L.

Playa Vista, Ca.


“I’ve been going to Audrey every month for almost a year now and the results have been amazing. My complexion breaks out in whiteheads otherwise known as adult milia. They are really annoying tiny white bumps that aren’t easily extracted like blackheads. They literally have to be poked open with a lancet or needle, so you can imagine how frustrating it is doing that on my own. It was surprisingly really hard to find anyone that just focused on extractions the way she does without trying to push other spa treatments on you, but Audrey is serious when it comes to cleaning out your pores.  She does what she does very well, and now I get so many compliments on my skin because of her. It’s smooth, it glows, and it’s overall just healthier looking. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve come to know in LA.  She’s a gem.”

Chantel C.

Manhattan, NY

Audrey is amazing, she’s completely transformed my skin!


“I’ve been going to her for about a month now. She is flexible, takes last-minute appointments, and is completely focused on you during the appointment itself.

As other reviews mention most of the facial are extractions (this was exactly what I was looking for). Audrey walked me through each step on my first appointment explaining what she was doing and why. I cannot emphasize enough how skilled she is – the extractions are virtually painless.

Audrey also advised me on an all-natural skin care regimen and the products that best suit my skin type (note: she did not ask me to throw away what I already had but created a plan on how to best use my stuff and what I could switch over to once I finished them).

She is really invested in her clients and adjusts her approach based on what you prefer. TOTALLY WORTH IT!”

Kiren S.

Santa Ana, Ca.


“Audrey is a skin genius! In the past few weeks, my acne has disappeared and my skin has cleared up and healed so much! Audrey is very patient, gentle, and accommodating. I’ve been to other estheticians and will never ever go back to anyone else. She’s unique because extractions are painless and fearless. The other times I’ve gone, I’ve dreaded getting them done. I have crazy hormonal acne (was on birth control and quit, and my face was horrifying) which got out of control and literally after my first week with Audrey, it was all gone. It’s my fourth week, my skin is still clear! Thank you so much, Audrey! You are amazing and super insightful! And thank you for being so caring and sweet in the process! I will never dread getting extractions done ever again. And the skin is always going to be clear now because of you!

Also, Audrey is super accommodating with times. She’s wonderful and super understanding! Thank you, Audrey!”

Sanchita M.

Los Angeles, Ca.


“I went to Audrey for skin tag removal… I had them all over my face.. flat ones and some sticking out and wow!! I’m amazed by how it all healed. It did hurt ALOT! But so very worth it. Beauty is a pain! Thank you so much, Audrey.”

Maria C.

Inglewood, Ca.


“Pictures speak a thousand words. The pictures w the 3 tier of my neck and the side by side of my face in heart frame, are where Audrey removed skin tags. Never realized I could even get the ones on my face and one on my eyelid removed. Really glad I did. Love this place and Audrey!”

Connie V.

Los Angeles, Ca.


“Audrey by far delivers the best facial in town. I’ve been to many if the high end spas in town, and I’ve yet to receive anything that comes close to Audrey’s facial. The level of cleansing that my skin experiences is by far superior. My skin has never looked better or felt healthier. Her bed side manner is lovely as well, and I enjoy the heated bed…sometimes I’m so relaxed that I fall asleep mid session!”

Sara F.

Marina Del Rey, Ca.


“Not only is Audrey super accommodating with appointment times she is very professional and lovely.  Not only will she give you amazing service for what you came in for, but any little extra thing she can assist with, she will.

I had a mini green peel done and she came in on her day off to do it for me.  She also spent a ton of time with extraction before she even got underway with the peel.

She’s very good at what she does and you certainly are in the hands of someone who cares.”

Haley C.

Los Angeles, Ca.


“Audrey provides the best eyelash extensions that I’ve ever recieved. Her eyelash work enhances the look of your eyes but still retain a natural look. I’m always getting compliments about my eyelashes!

Audrey’s facials always leave my skin with a refreshed healthy glow that lasts for days! I highly recommend Audrey as a skin care professional.”

Marie M.

Marina Del Rey, CA


“I received wonderful treatment from Audrey at Los Angeles Skin Care. It has been years since I last received a facial but I always remembered finding the extraction process to be painful and difficult. Audrey has the gentlest touch I’ve ever experienced during a facial. My skin was steamed, cleaned, extracted, microdermed, and masked to perfection. Audrey is incredibly knowledgeable, generous with her time, caring and easy going. I am certainly returning for facials regularly. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

Sandra Hung

Los Angeles, Ca.

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