Skin Tag Removal Malibu

Skin Tag Removal Malibu

More than half if not all of the general population is reported to have skin tags (Malibu) at some time in their lives. Although skin tags are generally acquired (not present at birth) and may occur in anyone, more often they arise in adulthood. Skin Tags are much more common in middle age, and they tend to increase in prevalence up to age 60. Children and toddlers  may also develop skin tags in these underarm and neck areas. Since skin tags are thought to arise more readily in areas of skin friction or rubbing, tags are also more common in overweight people. Skin Tag Removal Malibu.

Hormone elevations, such as those seen during pregnancy, may cause an increase in the formation of skin tags, as skin tags are more frequent in pregnant women. Tags are essentially harmless and do not have to be treated unless they are bothersome and unsightly. Skin tags that are bothersome may be easily removed during or after pregnancy.

Skin tags are a benign condition and not directly associated with any other major medical conditions. Skin tags are commonly found on healthy people and do not have to be removed for medical reasons.

There is no evidence that removing a skin tag will causes more tags to grow. There is no expectation of causing skin tags to spread by removing them. In reality, some people are simply more prone to developing skin tags and may have new growths periodically. Some individuals require periodic removal of tags at annual or even quarterly intervals.

Machines Used for Skin Tag Removal (Malibu)

Our equipment is a cauterization machine that has been successfully used for over 30 years by skin care professionals to remove all types of common surface skin growths. The machine uses a high-frequency electrical current that delivers a precise spark through a micro-needle to cauterize and desiccate skin growths.  During the procedure the micro-needle remains above the skin surface; it does not penetrate the skin. As the skin growths are removed, a natural protective coating or scab develops that covers the treated area.

Skin Tag Removal Before and After (Malibu)

Within the next few days, the scab will fall off and be replaced by healthy new skin cells, the color of the surrounding skin tissue.  In most cases, there is no visible indication of the previous growth.

This machine is generally more effective than liquid nitrogen in removing skin growths. The reason is frequently; more than one application of liquid nitrogen is needed to remove a skin growth, whereas only one cauterization treatment is ever necessary. In addition, cauterization treatments are less expensive.

Once a skin growth has been treated by our cauterization machine, it does not return. However; if your skin is prone to these types of growths, new ones may appear elsewhere on your face and body.

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