Men’s Facial – How Men Should Shave Correctly

A simple procedure to achieve calmer, smoother, and clearer skin for men and to avoid shaving irritation and beard bumps.

– Always cleanse the face first with a low-foaming gentle cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

– If using a manual razor, make sure the blades are fresh and sharp. Use unscented shaving cream. Fragrance can be irritating to freshly shaved skin.

– A single-blade razor is a better choice if you have a tendency toward ingrown hairs.

– Shave in the direction of hair growth. Carefully check different areas of the face to see in which direction the hair grows. Different areas of the face can have different growth patterns.

– If you don’t think you get a close enough shave when you shave with the growth pattern, shave twice. Shaving against the growth pattern does give a closer shave, but can definitely cause the hair to be cut at angles so hairs can easily turn to ingrown, causing infected follicles, bumps, inflammation, redness, pimples, and possibly scarring.

– If using an electric razor, the skin should be completely dry before shaving. After shaving with either method, spray the face thoroughly with an alcohol-free toner. This one step alone makes a big difference in diminishing the likelihood of shaving irritation and ingrown hairs.

– If the skin is very sensitive or reddens easily, apply a soothing serum with ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, or licorice extracts. For ingrown hairs, apply a specialty product containing salicylic acid, sulfur with resorcinol, or benzoyl peroxide. Mud masks may also be helpful in drying up these lesions. A lightweight SPF 15 or higher sunscreen moisturizer is a perfect way to end this morning routine.

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