Facial Extractions Private Lessons, Private Extraction Facial Training

Extraction Facial Training, Private One on One Extraction Facial Lessons

Sixty million people in the United States have Acne. One in five American adults suffer from acne. The most common form of acne is comedones, otherwise known as blackheads and whiteheads.  Typically these are not treated at a dermatologist office. There are also not enough trained professionals in our industry who are properly trained and capable in treating these types of skin conditions.

Skin Care– People who choose to see an esthetician — a skincare expert with a high level of professional training –are typically looking for an acne-oriented, or clinical facial treatment.

As you are aware, there is no Extractions Training in our beauty schools. There is hardly any advanced training after you are handed your state board licenses.  If there is any, it is so minimal that you would not feel confident enough to perform a proper Extraction Facial on your clients. Therefore, you will be sent out to the real world with no sufficient training on how to do an effective facial.


These are practical, “hands-on” training sessions in which the student performs the extraction facial (including microdermabrasion) with my coaching and supervision which makes it the most effective way to learn.  This training is for skincare professionals looking to improve their facial skills or to help recent graduates to get ready for their first job as an esthetician.

-Licensed estheticians must present proof of their license, or, beauty-school student status.
-Full payment is required upon reservation of each workshop 30 days in advance. Your balance is due upon check-in prior to the start of your session. No refunds.

-If you have a friend or a colleague that would like to attend this private training and share the cost with you, that can be arranged as well.

Students are encouraged to bring their own models. We can discuss other possible arrangements to accommodate your training.

Training sessions are held at my private studio coneniently located in Marina Del Rey, West Los Angeles area, 3 miles from LAX.

Book your appointment 30 days in advance


Tel: 310-566-7135

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