Exfoliation Treatment

Why Exfoliate (Exfoliation Treatment)?

Exfoliation Treatment: Most of us try to stay healthy by going to the gym, hiking in the mountains, and training in our own homes but fail to take care of our skin properly. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it constantly eliminates toxins through perspiration and helps in regulating the temperature of our body. Millions of pores, hundreds of sebaceous glands, and a large number of sweat glands are there for these two important functions. Exfoliation.

Skin absorbs a lot of substances with which it comes into contact, which means it is especially important to pay attention to your skin whenever possible. Skin is an important organ that deserves a lot more care than the mere application of creams and oils.

Healthy skin has a direct relationship with the lifestyle we choose and what we eat or drink. Although, problems like scars, aging wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, and skin that looks dull are the result of our dietary routine which exposes our skin to factors like sun, wind, and environment.

Also, dirt and dust that hide in the pores of the skin clog sebaceous glands making all sorts of skin problems. Proper cleaning not only removes all the dirt, and make-up you accumulate during the day but also stops the oil-secreting sebaceous glands from getting clogged.

Exfoliation Treatment

Using an exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and impurities should be the first step in your skincare regimen. Most exfoliators contain natural ingredients such as oatmeal, cornmeal, almond meal, grapefruit oils and salt minerals to effectively slough off dull, flaky skin. Once the old skin is removed, a layer of new, supple, fresh-looking skin is exposed.

Severe exfoliation treatment methods include chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments, but gently exfoliating can be performed by you, right in your own bathroom. A gentle daily exfoliating routine is an important step in your skincare regimen.

There are various exfoliators to choose from. Typical types include exfoliating mud masks, face scrubs, peeling masks, exfoliating gels, and exfoliating loofas and gloves. Exfoliators can be used on daily basis.

As you are aware, you need to be careful when using any skin care products, as you could have an allergic reaction to even the natural ingredients they contain. Pay attention to the ingredients and if you are allergic to any of them, it would be smart to avoid the products containing those ingredients.

If you notice any uncomfortable tingling sensation or redness on your skin, you may be having an allergic reaction. If this happens, rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water and avoid that product in the future.  You need to use common sense when using any skincare products

Exfoliation Treatment Tips

It is recommended not to rub soaps, lotions, oils, or any exfoliating mixture into your face. Your facial skin could be very sensitive. Rubbing the skin upwards, downwards, or side to side would be loosening it and cause wrinkles. Dabbing is a safer way to apply or rinse exfoliating mixtures.

Please do not use hot water on your face. Hot water can irritate the skin and dry it out very quickly. Using lukewarm to cool water to rinse your face will leave your skin feeling fresh and will clear any clogged pores.

Regardless of when you exfoliate, you will have to perform it more in the summer than in the wintertime. In the summer skin is moist; which causes dead cells to stick around.

Exfoliation can be done in the shower every morning. Just put your exfoliating scrub or exfoliating cloths in your shower caddy and scrub your face while in the shower.

Exfoliators work really well on oily skin. However, when an exfoliator is applied to dry skin you must be extra diligent with your moisturizing. With dry skin, a special re-hydration program must be followed directly after you exfoliate in order to “lock in” moisture.

How often to exfoliate: Exfoliation Treatment

  • Normal skin,  use a gentle exfoliator daily.
  • Oily skin, exfoliate 4 times per week.
  • Dry skin, exfoliate 1 per week.
  • Combination skin, exfoliate 4 or 5 times per week.
  • Sensitive skin, exfoliate only once or twice (at most) per week

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