Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Anus Wax

If the Brazilian waxing is too painful, ask the technician to apply strips to smaller areas at a time. Proper Brazilian Waxing should start in the back (Anus area) and move toward the front.

You may be asked to help hold skin taut or stretch your leg as far as you can to make sure the skin is pulled tight enough for less discomfort.

The procedure, like any waxing, could be very painful at first, especially with an inexperienced technician but frequent visits usually cut down on the pain factor because as you wax regularly, the follicles tend to weaken.

I suggest taking 2 Advils an hour before your procedure. As for the embarrassment factor — we like to think to get a Brazilian wax can’t be any more embarrassing than a typical visit to your gynecologist or urologist’s office. The technicians have seen it all before and you being relaxed will move the whole process much faster.

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