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Your wedding is a very special occasion. You’ll want to look and feel your absolute best on your big day. While you may be focused on your gown, Veil, wedding planner, wedding venues, and the list goes on, it’s also a good time to plan your facial treatments for more radiant skin before your makeup application and a graceful walk down the aisle. Let’s face it, that’s the first thing people see. After your gown of course:)

Your licensed esthetician can play a large role in helping you look your best. For example, stress can manifest on your face in the form of breakouts and congestion and your skincare professional can help you manage that. You may find it surprising that a facial or treatment too close to your wedding day isn’t advisable. It’s best not to experiment with new facials or products that you’ve never used before any closer than a week prior to your special event. However; you can work months ahead on a regular customized treatment plan that will give you the bridal glow. Similarly, if you are planning a honeymoon cruise or beach vacation, you won’t want to wax too close to your departure date since ultraviolet rays and just waxed skin don’t mix. Careful planning will be your best ally during this exciting and busy time. Book a free consultation now so we can discuss your treatment for a series of customized facial package.

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