Accutane can cause severe birth defects, including mental retardation and physical malformations, a woman must not become pregnant while taking it. Accutane’s side effects include,Conjunctivitis (“pinkeye”), dry or fragile skin, dry or cracked lips, dry mouth, dry nose, itching, joint pains, nosebleed.You should stop taking Accutane immediately if you have abdominal pain, bleeding from the rectum, or severe diarrhea. You may have an inflammatory disease of the bowel.Some people taking Accutane, including some who simultaneously took tetracycline, have experienced headache, nausea, and visual disturbances caused by increased pressure within the skull. See a doctor immediately if you have these symptoms; if the doctor finds swelling of the optic nerve at the back of your eye, you must stop taking Accutane at once and see a neurologist for further care.

Another name for Accutane is (Isotretinion)

What are the side effects of Accutane:
For start, it is known that there is a high risk of severe birth defects for women who become pregnant while taking Accutane.
Side effects of Accutane that might affect your health are:
-allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, legs, tongue, face or hives).
– blurred vision or decreased vision (especially at night).
-stomach, chest, or bowel pain; liver damage.
-rectal bleeding or bloody diarrhea.
-difficulty or pain when swallowing; new or worsening heartburn.
-yellowing of the skin or eyes or persistently dark urine.
-severe headache or dizziness; seizures; nausea and vomiting.
-joint or muscle pain or bone problems.
-hearing problems or hearing loss.
fainting; increased thirst or urination.
-slurred speech or problems moving.
-increased levels of cholesterol or triglyceride.
-dry skin, dry mouth, dry or bleeding nose, dryness of the eyes.
-itching or increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun.
Another potential side effect that is very serious is depression including feelings of sadness, crying spells, irritability, changes in sleep patterns, unusual tiredness, trouble concentrating, loss of appetite, even suicidal thoughts and other mental problems.
Even if you take Accutane it is not 100% sure will get rid of acne. For some people, Accutane works only while they are taking it and as soon as they stop taking it, the acne comes back, as a matter of fact Accutane can be taken only for a limited period of time. For many people Accutane treatment is a temporary solution while it comes with risks to consider.
There are of course plenty of people who have had success with Accutane, otherwise dermatologists wouldn’t be subscribing it. The point is to really inform yourself before going for any acne treatment.
We need to quickly remind ourselves how serious the side effects are. Just think that some people actually experienced hearing loss, liver damage, slurred speech, depression after taking Accutane.
Please keep in mind that Accutane is not the only acne treatment that can help get rid of the acne.

This information is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of your physician. Consult your doctor regularly about matters concerning your health, particularly regarding symptoms that require diagnosis or immediate medical attention.

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