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Best Skin Products Los Angeles:

There are many reasons that some people are more apt to develop acne than others, and one of the major ones is heredity. A family history of acne development makes it far more likely that you will have an earlier occurrence of acne breakouts, and you have a higher risk of retaining a greater number of lesions. Hormonal activity, life style and stress are also factors.

No matter what the root cause of your acne breakouts, your acne treatment skin products has to address the same key physical issues. These include excessive oil production from hyperactive sebaceous glands, blockages formed by sebum and dead keratin skin cells at the base of the follicles in the skin, and the inflammation produced by the antibiotic resistant acnes.

Antibiotics are often prescribed as a treatment for severe acne, but some acnes bacterium has proven to have an in-vitro resistance to many of the antibiotics commonly used. A lot of the topical Skin Products that are available to you feature benzoyl peroxide for destroying the harmful bacterium in your skin, sometimes this skin products causes redness, irritation, drying, and flaking.

Lets bring up the issue of safety when it comes to the ingredients in the average acne treatment skin products, because sometimes they contain potentially dangerous ingredients. Triclosan for example is an antibacterial agent commonly used to battle some acnes, but triclosan is known to produce its own unique forms of antibiotic resistant bacteria. You could be into the fire with this ingredient in your skin products Los Angeles.

You want an acne treatment skin product that is as safe as it is effective, and a skin product that contains certain all natural skin product is exactly what you need.

some or all of these compounds in your skin products will eliminate your acne in the same amount of time the popular over the counter acne remedies take. The difference is that these skin products do it safely, and without irritating your skin. You should try such a skin product in order to alleviate your own acne.

You may not be familiar with acnegenic ingredients, those that cause or exacerbate acne. These common ingredients in your skin products can be hiding within acne treatment products, causing ineffective treatment of your breakouts.  Here’s what to look for in your skin products:

Lanolin in your skin products Los Angeles: Derived from the words “lana” for wool and “oleum” for oil, Lanolin is a fatty substance obtained from the sheep’s wool.  While it’s a known emollient with moisturizing properties, it can have skin-clogging capabilities, triggering the cycle of breakouts.

Fragrance in your skin products Los Angeles:
Artificial fragrances can increase acne infection, skin sensitization and photo sensitivity.

D & C red pigments in your skin products Los Angeles: Some of these dyes, which are coal tar derivatives, have exhibited highly comedogenic and acnegenic properties.

Mineral Oil in your skin products Los Angeles: Mineral Oil is an occlusive (something that physically blocks water loss in the Stratum corneum).  It’s used in many skin care products, however, it’s been shown to cause and exacerbate acne.

Speak with your professional skin therapist about skin products free of comedogenic and acnegenic ingredients, and that contain known botanical extracts that help inhibit the growth of acnegenic bacteria.

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Los Angeles Skin Care offers a broad range of cosmetic skin care treatments and skin products. Each customizable skincare treatment can be tailored to the specific needs of your skin or schedule!

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